Benefits of fusers remanufacturing

Benefits of remanufacturing fusers and devices in MPS application

Main Benefits of fusers remanufacturing:

  • Reduce financial risk by taking over an already installed fleet.
  • Reduce the general operating expenses of an already installed fleet.
  • Extend the useful life, reducing the amortization cost of the equipment.
  • Reuse underused equipment at the end of a contract where statistics show that between 25 and 60% of the fleet is usable.
  • Have a small fleet of “Cargo Mules”, these are devices that receive a large load, on which excellent operating costs are had with ECO PRICES, that is, prices based on reused MPS Compliant machines, reconditioned fusers and remanufactured consumables.
  • Offer to entities and clients concerned about environmental impact, solutions to reduce this accompanied by economic benefits!
  • And with our circular distribution system you don’t have to worry about waste management, because everything is included.
  • We guarantee our products with conditions absolutely similar to the new ones.

Our proposal on the Benefits of melter remanufacturing we want to be transparent and that you pay for what things are worth. We understand that ONLY WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY this is possible

Beneficios de la remanufactura de fusores


“buy, throw away, buy”

This has to end!

The fact that it is all programmed so that millions of kilos of electronic scrap end up in the landfill simply because it has served its time is already known.

Luckily we are more and more aware that this cannot continue like this.

Little by little more press articles publish or mention interesting articles on the End of planned obsolescence.

Like last Wednesday, October 27, published by the Country

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