Scheduled obsolescence – Embatex Iberia

Last August the Catalan regional television – TV3, issued this interesting report on programmed Obsolescence, companies concerned about the environment and pro-active in the remanufacturing sector such as Solidança, Ereuse and Embatex Iberia from the hand of Javier Martinez, they were interviewed in the following Valor Afegit report presented by Albert Closas.


Scheduled obsolescence – Embatex Iberia. Reportaje TV3 – Valor Afegit

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“Valor Afegit”. People are buying more and more over the Internet, and the same new economy that we have entered very often forces us to buy more and more. In the first place, because the appliances break down in a short time and can no longer be repaired. It is the famous “planned obsolescence”.

But there is also another type of obsolescence that has been growing in recent years and its end is not appreciated: the one that we could cite obsolescence “desired” by consumers themselves.

More and more voices and documentaries are aware of this commercial abuse of the industry.

To follow up, we will be adding links of interest to news of Scheduled Obsolescence.

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