In Spain 2,167,000 printers are replaced, many prematurely because they do not repair the fuser, since their cost is very high. More than 70% are replaced before they reach half their expected useful life, 45% go directly to the landfill, which is equivalent to 1,838,025 Kilograms of garbage. Printers and copiers (Cartridges not included) represent 18% of electronic waste sent illegally to third world countries.

In itself, inefficiency and waste since most printers are used only at 7% of their capacity

Printer Phoenix’s mission is to repair the fuser is in poor condition and as the story of the Egyptian myth of the Phoenix tells us, to be able to resurface the fuser from its ashes and give it a second, third and fourth life, this time not fiction but through remanufacturing with the change of damaged parts and those worn by their own use.

Removing the fuser from inside the printer.

Disassembly of the fuser and its components.

Core cleaning.

Inventory of the parts to be replaced.

Replacement of parts in poor condition.



Replacement of gears and bushings due to wear.

Fuser repair, grease and lubricant.

300 Page Printing of Test, Lombardi’s Law.

Manufacturing and labeling control.

For sale in our online store.

With the repair of the melter through remanufacturing we get a much cheaper price than the original, thus being able to offer the same warranty and useful visa of the melter.


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