Clones Plastic Toxicity

It has long been suspected that Chinese cartridges – the housings and not the powder – are made from recycled plastic waste containing harmful substances. So chunks were obtained from the toner reservoir of a very current model from a customer who does not want to be named and sent it to TÜV Rheinland / LGA on an exploratory basis for testing for harmful substances.

The test report was of significant concern for its Toxicity in the plastic of Clones

The high values ​​of polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), which with a total of 5,679mg / kg clearly exceed the 1,000mg / kg limit according to Directive 2011/65 / EU, are quite striking. This is mainly due to the prohibited flame retardant DECABROMDIPHENYETHER (DecaBDE), which alone represents 5,600mg / kg. This flame retardant is prohibited in electrical equipment such as WEEE 2.0 chip printer cartridges ( ).

Additionally, DecaBDE is also on the SVHC Candidate List, Chemicals of Very High Concern ( is therefore subject to special information requirements in the supply chain. ( ).

Such cheap products are really expensive and more for the environment and our health. It’s up to you…

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